W20 Steel Doors

We are known as The Luxury Steel Glazed Door Manufacturer.  Our doors has its origins in the “Universal Range” which was introduced for the first time in 1912 by the London based company “The Crittall Manufacturing Co. Ltd.”. The Universal range consisted of three different ranges of hot rolled profiles, identical in geometry and types, but different in their depth, that classified them into large, medium and small. Depending on the dimensions of the opening, the most appropriate series was selected to match the static requirements. These three ranges were able to cover any type of window, door and opening. In combination with special T-profiles, used as mullions and transoms, for the first time it was also possible to realize curtain walls of any size. The currently available range was revised in 1964 and renamed as “W20”. The three separate ranges were condensed into one medium range, which consisted of 20 hot rolled profiles able to cover the functions of modern windows and doors and grant the original design and proportions for those to be replaced in historic buildings. Even today, after more than 100 years, this timeless series is still chosen for a great number of restoration and new projects worldwide.

“W20”, stands for an accurate selection of hot rolled, cold formed and laser welded steel window profiles. Steel windows and doors have been, and still are, the preferred choice of architects. Especially when their function is not to close a hole in a wall but a significant contribution to the character and overall appearance of a building. The minimalist aesthetics of solid hot rolled steel profiles and their ability to shape windows is unique. Their slender lines appear to lose weight and give lightness to the frames, emphasizing the transparency of a façade. This elegance is difficult to match with the bulky profiles of alternative materials.





       Benefits of a W20 Door 

  1. Solid hot rolled steel profiles
  2. Classic “stepped leg” design
  3. Material thickness up to 5 mm
  4. Self-adhesive non-shrinking gaskets
  5. Accommodates low emissivity double-glazing up to 16 mm
  6. Choice of different glazing beads
  7. Fixed glazing, single-sash and double-sash, side-hung doors opening inwards and outwards

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